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PETG Filament 1.75mm

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PETG is an incredibly strong 3D Filament that is relatively easy to print.

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PETG Filaments

You can print sleeves for our new cardboard spool, downloadable here

After about 6 months of testing, we are finally happy to release PETG filaments to our awesome 3D Community.

If you do not already know PETG is the strongest printer filament out there whilst being as easy to print as PLA.

What is it?

Well we all already know PET plastics as they are the most common plastics in the world today making up most of the plastic bottles we purchase. The additional “G” to PET is not a colloquial term used to define a gangster friend but actually “Glycol” to make it stronger.

Why are people using it;

-         It has great layer adhesion

-         Can be sterilized

-         Easy to print

-         Stronger than ABS

Give it a try, you'll be sure be amazed!

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