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About Us

3DFillies is reliable.consistent.quality focused.

3DFillies is proudly an Australian Owned and Operated Company. Situated in Metro Melbourne, we have been serving Businesses, Students, and 3D enthusiasts all over Australia for several years with all their 3D Filament needs.

We strive to bring you the best quality filaments at the best possible price. You shouldn't have to compromise on either.

We have a dedicated team that is enthusiastic about 3D Printing and the evolution of this technology and is always here to help you. Drop us a line or contact us anytime at

Our concept

We shortened the word to "Fillies" as we were hacking away building prototypes and trying to save time in explaining things by shortening the word "Filaments". To this day, we still argue about who first produced the name, however, one thing is for sure, it has stuck. We also did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation, and we think that we save about a tenth of a second each time we shorten it to Fillies. Based on how long we think we will live; we will have saved about 7 months into our lives. We don't know where we will use that additional 7 months, but it will be spent still arguing about who produced the name.

For our logo we had more serious concerns, we wanted something that represented reliability and creativity. We think that the logo meets that brief, and we are quite proud of how it has been received.

Our History

abs filament
pla filament
pla+ filament
pla silkfilament
rainbow filament