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Carton of Filaments

100% of 100
As low as $182.02
A 2% Discount for a Carton of 8 x 1kg 1.75mm Filaments of the same colour and material with Free Shipping.
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This product provides our customers that print continuously with a simple and easy way of ordering the same colour and same material with an additional discount. We are unable to provide this product with mixed colours and/or materials.

Please see pricing comparison table below;

Material   Normal Price   Discounted Price         Saving
PLA+ $215.2 $204.44 $10.76
ABS $183.6 $174.42 $9.18
PETG $279.6 $265.62 $13.98
PLASilk $239.6 $227.62 $11.98
PLAflex $319.6 $303.62 $15.98

Only products purchased through this page will be entitled to the 5% discount. Purchasing individual items of 8 through the other product pages will not generate the discount. Furthermore, the checkout page item that identified this product will not display this discount but rather free shipping.

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