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PLA+Silk Filament 1.75mm 1kg

SKU: 3dfillies-plasilk


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Quick Overview

  • Silky Appearance 

  • Brilliant Colours

  • Great Layer Adhesion

  • Made from PLA+ not PLA

  • Impressive Strength

  • Resealable Bag

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Why PLA+Silk?

Our PLA+Silk filament is easy to print and the perfect choice if you want your print to have a highly reflective silky finish. Your print won’t just be beautiful it will also be strong, that’s because it’s based on PLA+ materials giving it impressive strength and wonderful layer adhesion. We offer brilliant colours with the glossiest silk tones to help you get creative. Some of our favourite silk prints include; vases, figurines, Christmas decorations, earrings, and cosplay items.


PLA+Silk is a filament that will create impressive prints with a glossy silk-like appearance. The silk-like finish is easily achieved with the right temperature setting and it’s important to perform a Temperature Tower print to help determine the optimal print settings with your printer. This is critical as lower temperatures will produce a matte finish and too high a temperature will create over extrusion. You may also consider adjusting your flow/multiplier settings to assist with fine tuning any over extrusion. Finding the right temperature balance is key for the silkiest finish.

Note: PLA+Silk filament is not food grade.

Impressive Strength:

Based on PLA+ raw materials it offers the same great strength as PLA+ and outperforms cheaper PLA Silk filaments.

Great Layer Adhesion;

Our Silk Filament also has excellent adhesion to the build plate. In fact, over the last 12 months, we have tested and printed it directly onto a mirror surface (at 60 degrees) without needing other adhesion materials such as glue. The benefit of printing on glass/mirror is twofold; it is extremely easy to print directly onto its surface (if you have leveled your bed correctly) and also the effect of the printed object touching the glass is magical. The filament takes on a glass-like appearance due to the nature of the silk reflectivity.

When printing our PLASilk on mirror/glass, it is best to wait until the glass has cooled a little prior to removing the object. Removing the object while the glass is still warm, can cause the base of the object to warp as it will cool rapidly when exposed to the cooler air. Another reason to wait for the glass to cool is that the print will come off the surface more easily.

Brilliant colours;

For a better view of the colour range please see the embedded video at the bottom of the page.

We have carefully selected the most brilliant colours available to achieve the glossiest silk tones in the following colour options;

Red – A rich red, with a lovely glossy reflection

Purple – A deep purple that captures and reflects light effortlessly (our personal favourite)

Midnight Blue – A dark blue, that is lustrous (close second personal favourite)

Light Blue – A classic silky light blue tone

White – Pure and simple with wonderful reflection

Black – Classic black with glossy tones

Green – A vibrant green with lovely reflection

Dark Grey – A beautiful shade of gunmetal grey

Resealable Bags;

Our PLA+Silk filament comes in a resealable bag to help protect it from moisture. Like all PLA based filaments, it can absorb moisture from the air which can create brittleness in the filament. We recommend you store unused filament in the resealable bag with a desiccant satchel, making sure you remove as much excess air from the bag while sealing.  




Customer Reviews

The midnight blue is a spectacular colour. Review by Martin
The midnight blue is a spectacular colour. Very easy to print, and truly beautiful to look at. (Posted on 23/03/2019)
Great finish and easy to print! Review by Damian
The new silk filaments are great! They were just as easy to print with as 3DFillies' PLA+ and the end result is amazing. They definitely print with a silky/shiny finish. I have tried red, green, blue and purple so far. Purple is probably my favourite at the moment (though that changes after I print with one of the other colours). (Posted on 8/03/2019)
Amazing Review by Kalani
Was lucky enough to receive an early sample and can say how absolutely amazing it is! Prints very well! (Posted on 12/02/2019)

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