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Wood Filament 1.75mm 1Kg

SKU: 3dfillies8132689r1834nwood

Regular Price: $45.90

Special Price $43.95

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Regular Price: $45.90

Special Price $43.95

Quick Overview

The filament is PLA based - so it's easy to print. It can then be sanded back and by adjusting the extruder temperature, you'll be able to get different shades of wood!

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Wood PLA is an exciting filament that has grains of wood within. The surface print will be textured and not smooth. It can however be sanded back to give it a shinier finish. Apart from printing “Groots”, many use this filament to print;

  • Pens (shell)
  • Watches
  • Decorative jewellery, broaches, earrings etc.
  • Faux wood objects
  • Statues
  • Musical instruments. Please note that you will not be able to produce a Stradivarius finish.
  • Cosplay weaponry

This filament still retains the same strength as PLA however slightly less rigid. It is also no more abrasive to a brass nozzle than the regular PLA. 

The filament weights about 10% less than regular PLA, which means you get an extra 10% in length for the same 1kg roll. :-)

An important note about Wood is that longer exposure to heat in the extruder/hotend tends to decompose the filament.

Here are some tips and pointers to printing with our Wood PLA;

  • Best to print it a little faster than you normally would with PLA. Printing at say 55-70mm/sec can be quite useful to avoid decomposition.
  • Printing profiles are like PLA for your printer.
  • A raft is not necessary however if you must, then make sure you are not printing the raft too fast.


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