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TPU Filament 1.75mm 1kg

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TPU or ThermoPlastic Polyurethane is flexible filament. It’s an ideal filament for prints requiring some flexibility such as;

-          Phone cases

-          Belts

-          Parts for drones

-          Door stoppers

-          Springs

-          Vibration supports

-          Any other object where some malleability/flex is required.

This filament has some great qualities. Whilst it is flexible, it is still a little rigid which makes it much easier to print.

An incorrect myth of TPU is that all Bowden style extruders cannot print TPU. A very important aspect of printing with TPU is the setup within the hot-end. The Infographic below illustrates the importance of the extended tubing towards the gears necessary to guide the TPU filament to the hot-end. Without this guide, the softer nature of the TPU material will either not find purchase to the connecting hot-end or will buckle during a print and the filament will wind itself within the hot-end housing. 

TPU Infographic

Helpful Printing Tips;

Extruder Temp: Ideal printing temp is between 200C – 220C

Heat Bed Temp: Between 70C-80C

Speed: It is best to print TPU slower than you would any other filament. Typically 15mm/sec is ideal, however, printing at 30mm/sec can still give great results.




Customer Reviews

Great reults. Review by Peter
Had to modify my feeder to the E3D hot end, but the results are fantastic, only thing is my wife now wants all these flexible kitchen covers made. No problem with TPU. having fun. (Posted on 11/08/2018)
Much better than expected! Review by Matzilm
After reading about using TPU on various forums, I was feeling a little scared about using it.
Fears abated! This stuff is great to work with, even works great when using supports.

Keep kicking goals you guys at 3Dfillies!

Loving it
Mat.Z (Posted on 8/04/2018)

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