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TPU Filament 1.75mm 1kg

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TPU or ThermoPlastic Polyurethane is flexible filament. It’s an ideal filament for prints requiring some flexibility such as;

-          Phone cases

-          Belts

-          Parts for drones

-          Door stoppers

-          Springs

-          Vibration supports

-          Any other object where some malleability/flex is required.

This filament has some great qualities. Whilst it is flexible, it is still a little rigid which makes it much easier to print.

An incorrect myth of TPU is that all Bowden style extruders cannot print TPU. A very important aspect of printing with TPU is the setup within the hot-end. The Infographic below illustrates the importance of the extended tubing towards the gears necessary to guide the TPU filament to the hot-end. Without this guide, the softer nature of the TPU material will either not find purchase to the connecting hot-end or will buckle during a print and the filament will wind itself within the hot-end housing. 

TPU Infographic

Helpful Printing Tips;

Extruder Temp: Ideal printing temp is between 200C – 220C

Heat Bed Temp: Between 70C-80C

Speed: It is best to print TPU slower than you would any other filament. Typically 15mm/sec is ideal, however, printing at 30mm/sec can still give great results.

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