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PLASteel Filament 1.75mm 1kg

SKU: 3dfillies8132689r1834j


Quick Overview

PLASteel (PolyLactic Acid Steel) is a proprietary Filament made only my 3DFillies.

Trademark pending, this new filament has been developed over a year and formulated to exacting standards. PLASteel is PLA and Metal infused to create a truly superior PLA product. Stronger than PLA and as Flexible as ABS, it prints with a true Steel look.

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This revolutionary new filament has been in the making for some time until we got it just right. When printed the filament looks very similar to a metal object. It is also printed with the ease you expect from PLA. Not only is it stronger than ABS and PLA, but it also awesome to look at.

Please note that this filament can cause abrasion to BRASS hot-ends. Stainless-steel hot-ends are recommended as they will wear less.




Customer Reviews

excellent bright metallic gold look Review by sam
this filament had a hard time beating the regular goldpla+ from 3d fillies because the regular gold is so good. its a different kind of gold but to me they are both very metallic in appearance. this has a brighter shiny new look but both golds from 3d fillies are amazing so get 5 stars. (Posted on 12/09/2018)
Well, colour me impressed! Review by Lynn
I am very impressed; the heat tower test printed so well from 190 to 240 degrees, not a bridge out of place in any of the layers. I've used the Silver version and taken a photo. (Posted on 18/08/2018)
Good metallic look but more fussy to print Review by Christopher
First, I'd like to say I love that 3DFillies ships with a strong durable zip loc bag. They're great and very useful. I had one which the ziploc was defective upon opening first time and could not be re-closed. The rest have worked well and it's makes a difference to have them.

Next, I'd like to suggest improving the spools. The holes for tying loose ends are not user or filament friendly. I'd look at eSUN spools for a better method. They have a two slots located at opposite sides. The 3DFillie spools usually have them closer and so often I cannot reach with an end unless I peel off almost a whole turn. Plus the small holes require a sharp bend which often ends up breaking the filament. I usually have to only use one hole to avoid the kink.

Finally, the Gold and Bronze PLASteel which I have used so far make for nice metallic looking prints when viewed under directional lighting. In daylight, not so much as it seems to not scatter the light the same, or perhaps it's something to do with polarization. The printing has been a bit trickier to get right. I find it has more issues with bed adhesion compared to normal PLA, and I get more voids/clogs. I found printing at 200 instead of 210 for other PLA seems to help it not curl off the bed as much but this is still something I'm trying to solve. I wouldn't blame the filament for clogging until I swap a new nozzle in and test more.

On the whole I'm happy and it prints some beautiful looking pieces for me. Just a bit more fussy to get consistent good results as compared to other PLA/PETG (including some I'm using from 3DFIllies). (Posted on 30/06/2018)
Shiny! Review by Tom
I bought the Bronze and have been printing lots of items with this product. It achieves great adhesion between layers and I love the shine of the filament. Curved surfaces and printing at a fine layer height gives this product a really neat shine. Looking forward in trying out the other PLAsteel filaments! (Posted on 18/06/2018)
Nice Review by Darius
I dont know how but this fillament your producing is nice havent had any problems with PETG, pla steel, PLA prints good and is super strong well done (Posted on 28/04/2018)
PLASTEEL Gold Review by Alan
Just finished a project which used 5 rolls of PLASTEEL Gold and kept my printer running about 16 hr/day for a few weeks.

Initially I had some issues with the nozzle clogging, but after changing from 0.4mm nozzle to to a 0.5mm nozzle, printing was perfect with no nozzle clogging at all.

The client was thrilled with the result.

Printer: Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B
Print temperature 190C, Bed temp 60C
Layer height 0.25
Print sped 50m/sec (Posted on 18/05/2017)
Beautiful looking product Review by Matt
I ordered this thinking it would just look like a gold colour pla. but in fact it a a beautiful gold metal look. I love this product and i'm looking forward to trying the other metals.

Well done (Posted on 6/01/2017)

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