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PLA+Marble Filament 1.75mm 1kg

SKU: 3dfillies-plamarble


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Quick Overview

  • NEW FORMULATION. SMALLER NYLON (less chance of clogging)

  • Marble Appearance 

  • Great Layer Adhesion

  • Made from PLA+ not PLA

  • Impressive Strength

  • Resealable Bag

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Our PLA+ Marble filament is based on the great structural properties of PLA+ with an impressive marble-like effect.

The marbling is achieved by using base PLA+ with random sized high-temperature black nylon speckles throughout. Due to the lower relative temperature of the PLA, the black nylon does not melt as the filament feeds through the hot end, creating that striking spotted black marbled look like types of Italian marble.

Some of the benefits of our PLA+ Marble;

  • Striking Marble effect
  • Based on PLA+, making it 10x stronger than PLA
  • Great layer adhesion
  • Resealable bag to reduce moisture for long-term storage


Printing with our PLA+ Marble is relatively easy as it has a very tolerant printing temperature range. Throughout our tests, this filament has printed well across many hot end temperatures between 200-220 degrees Celsius. Adherence to the build plate is also a great advantage of this filament and printing with some Bed Temperature allows the filament to grip well. When using a heated bed, allowing the bed to cool is always recommended before removing the object.  Some printers do not have a heated bed, so alternatively you can use Blue painter’s tape. When applying the tape care should be taken not to overlap the tape as this can cause the nozzle to hit the tape and potentially lead to clogging the hot end. Leaving a small gap is always preferred to overlap.



A glossy “marble benchtop” finish is also quite easy to achieve. This can be done by printing directly to either a mirror or glass surface. Levelling your bed correctly however is integral to achieve this effect. PLA can be quite forgiving when levelling the bed, it will squeeze out if it is slightly too low as well as adhere to the bed if slightly too high (although it may create gaps in the surface).





Is PLA + Marble Food Grade?

This filament has not been tested against food grade standards, however, you may be able to use this filament with food contact by painting over the object with food grade varnish. This serves a dual purpose. It can further strengthen the printed part as well as eliminate any layering to stop bacteria from breeding for multiple use objects.

How can I protect my filament from moisture?

PLA Marble filament can also be adversely affected by moisture issues. Leaving the filament out in the open air for periods of time can allow the filament to collect moisture and then become brittle. We have provided a resealable bag so that when not in use, the filament can be stored in the bag. When storing filament in the bag, it is best to expel as much air from the bag as possible and always use the desiccant satchel within the bag. The desiccant satchel also has a limited life and care needs to be taken to find an alternative if the satchel needs to be discarded.


How close should I level my bed?

If the Marble filament is too low to the bed, it may create clogging. This occurs as the nylon does not melt at the temperature being extruded and lodges between the nozzle and the bed/layer, simply dragging instead, thereby causing a backup of the filament in the hot end. Increasing the hot end temperature will not solve this issue as nylon has significantly different profiles to PLA. The best way to avoid clogging is to very accurately level the bed. 




Customer Reviews

Amazing Review by Deelan
I bought this filament for a craft project as part of a wedding gift. I printed it with minimal stringing and found next to no issues on my prints. Absolutely beautiful filament and super tempted to use it to print some decorative items. Will be using it to print some vases for sure. (Posted on 4/08/2021)
Really clean, smooth finish. Resembles granite more than marble but still very nice. Review by Vishal
I really like the PLA Marble and it prints really clean on my Creality Ender 5 Pro. Really easy to dial in the right settings as well and the final print quality at 0.2mm was quite nice. The colour is more of a light speckled grey than a traditional "Marble", I would say it resembles Granite more, but still very nice.

Here is a 150x200mm print I did with this material at 0.2mm layer height: (Posted on 9/02/2021)
great quality, prints amazingly well Review by Anna
This filament is a go to because of the finish - it is very forgiving, hardly ever clogs, and makes an amazing product that can be sold straight off the printer. Love it! (Posted on 4/12/2019)
Awesome......and about time Review by Sparky
I've been waiting for 3dFillies to bring out this. I've been printing like mad since I got it. I'm ordering more rolls. It prints great and looks even better. Matte finish. Now just waiting for a matte black to come out. (Posted on 25/05/2019)

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