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PETG Filament 1.75mm

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Quick Overview

PETG is an incredibly strong 3D Filament that is relatively easy to print.

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PETG Filaments

After about 6 months of testing, we are finally happy to release PETG filaments to our awesome 3D Community.

If you do not already know PETG is the strongest printer filament out there whilst being as easy to print as PLA.

What is it?

Well we all already know PET plastics as they are the most common plastics in the world today making up most of the plastic bottles we purchase. The additional “G” to PET is not a colloquial term used to define a gangster friend but actually “Glycol” to make it stronger.

Why are people using it;

-         It has great layer adhesion

-         Can be sterilized

-         Easy to print

-         Stronger than ABS

Give it a try, you'll be sure be amazed!




Customer Reviews

Great filament, however... Review by Will
I have purchased at least half a dozen rolls of black PETG from 3dFillies, and every roll has great overhang performance, which is unique with PETG, due to its "gooiness". It makes strong, glossy parts that come out consistently. However, I have had rolls shipped that have been a bit "wet", or that water had been absorbed into the filament, as judged by a slight crackling sound in my nozzle. 5 hours in an oven at 65*C did the trick however, and I continued printing. I would give 5 stars if it was completely dry, but don't get me wrong, this is probably the best value plastic noodle you can get your hands on! (Posted on 29/08/2022)
It just works! Review by Gerard
Printed some foam dart blasters (Lynx) with the PETG. It's stronger than the ABS I've been using and has a great, glossy finish. Printed with my UP300 (which doesn't let you change a lot of settings) and it just works! (Posted on 27/07/2021)
Great filament Review by Chris
I was given an old Tevo Tarantula, so not the best printer. But I've managed to get awesome results with the petg. Easy to print (requires a bit of trial and error) but use relatively slow retraction and I don't get stringing. Strong and glossy prints, great job with the petg. I wish I bought more in my first order! The Tarantula needs all its parts printed, and I've printed all these in petg.

Keep the first layer slightly higher than pla, or it sticks too well!

Temp 235
Retract 2mm
Retract speed 20mm/s
Heat bed 80 to 85C.

E3dv6 Bowden tube hot end (clone)
Bmg geared extruder (clone) (Posted on 20/09/2020)
Great Product Review by Thierry
We are using PETG Red, Orange and Black.
Great results (Posted on 4/09/2020)
Fantastic stuff Review by Steve
I bought my first roll of this early last year and haven't really had the chance to use it for something serious due to some serious problems with my main printer (now undergoing its second major rebuild, my fault, stupid mistake, it's a learning experience ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), anyway, had a need for a half VESA mount for a computer monitor that I wanted to hang from a special slider rail. I used my cheap, nasty EZ3D T1, a $150 delta off eBay (that was a story in itself!), and the result is amazing! I mean, WOW! I've rarely got PLA looking this good!

Earlier attempts were on a Tronxy P802 with a dying extruder and I was probably printing too hot. Blobby AF.

Today's print was done at 135° at the hotend, 75° on the bed, 20% infill and the layer adhesion is fabulous. Bed adhesion on my microporous glass bed (an aftermarket add-on) was good with a tiny bit of stringing at the start layer, then it rocked into a smooth print, layer after layer. Print a little slower than PLA is my advice, too. Wish I could leave a photo, the quality is so good, 3D Fillies' PETG is probably going to be my main stock from now on. (Posted on 17/04/2020)
First go at PETG - impressed Review by Matt
Purchased my first roll of PETG, to test on a weight-bearing functional print.

Used my PLA+ profile and just bumped temps... came out 95% as good as PLA, so only minor tweak I anticipate needing.
Lovely finish and colour.

Drove my car over it and it didn't even blemish the surface, let alone damage the model (50% infill too)
IMPRESSED! (Posted on 15/10/2019)
Awesome product Review by Gordon
I've just run my first spool through of this PETG, difficult to nail down the settings at first but once I was able to the appeal of this product shows through, Tougher than ABS with no shrinkage or smell! If you close down the clearance on the first layer you can get the print bed surface to look injection molded but be careful as it sticks VERY well to the build surface.

The layer adhesion is so good with this material that it will shatter before separating and i actually prefer it over other specialty materials such as Carbon fiber as it seems easier to print and better for mechanical parts.

Warning: expect strings/hairs and don't expect great supports with PETG, it's also hydroscopic although I had no issues with my first roll.

My print settings
Initial Temperature: 245deg C
Normal Temperature: 240deg C
Bed: 80deg C
Layer Height: 0.2mm (under this and I had first layer adhesion issues)
Speed: 60mm/s
Special settings: Nozzle purge and wipe pre print and no brim or skirt as this was causing first layer issues or the single layer never coming off the build bench.
Machine: Creality Ender-3

hope this helps someone :) Happy printing (Posted on 31/10/2018)
Grey PETG - WOW Review by Nathan - nLogic
So reluctantly I purchased some Grey PETG filament from 3D Fillies after wasting almost a full roll of filament from another brand. I had pretty much lost all hope printing PETG successfully. However WOW! with no test prints I jumped in with a print and it is almost flawless. No jamming, under extrusions, or blobs nothing just a great print.

The grey is a little bit translucent and looks great in the light. I found printing at 240c on the hot end and 80c on the bed achieved great results. (Posted on 23/08/2018)
Awesome filament Review by Tony
I purchased a 1KG roll of black PetG filament to print replacement parts for my Prusa MK3 printer. Quality is excellent and is easy to print with. Strength of the printed parts is awesome and I would definitely purchase more. Delivery to Perth is fast as always.
(Posted on 1/06/2018)
SAME results AS POSTED 24/01/2017 by Stephen. (Posted on 13/05/2017)
Blue PETG Review by Stephen
I've been using 3dfillies PLA filaments for a few months now. Once i had used up the first roll of 3dfillies PLA i'd ordered i was excited, had i finally found a supplier of a reliable product? I decided to order a couple of more rolls of PLA to test and make sure i'd just not received the "lucky roll" as the quality of my prints really had improved...i know i sound like a salesman by now but this is no joke, after using many different well known brands and getting mixed results depending on batches etc i really was thinking "this is too good to be true".

I was astonished with the excellent results i got from those next couple of rolls i'd ordered and by then knew these guys knew what they were doing and the product they produce is the same high quality batch to batch. If you take the time to measure the gauge of your filament soon as you remove the plastic you will notice it's right on each and every time, which means you do not have to waste your precious time dickering around in your slicer settings to compensate for over or under extrusion because of poor product filament tolerance (1.75mm), believe me i've had my fair share of that, often throwing out half used rolls as i just could not produce a quality print with the gauge of the filament all over the place.

After using the PLA for a few months and the news of PETG being on the horizon i must say i got pretty excited, a little pathetic i know but i guess knowing how good the PLA has been to me i was hoping the PETG would be similar...

About a week ago i received my first roll of 3dfillies PETG in blue, i was pretty eager to get the roll onto my machine and print a couple of test took me two small test prints to dial my slicer in for the PETG and WOOOOOW this stuff is just as good as the PLA, it is a little trickier to print than PLA (PLA being the easiest of all filaments) but with a little patience you will get fantastic prints from this stuff. My settings are 80c for the bed and 245c for the extruder, i suggest you pull back your extruder multiplier a tiny tiny bit to prevent "blobbing" as PETG regardless of brand does have a tendency to over extrude ever so slightly over your PLA type filaments.

Using the settings mentioned above i am printing with gluestick on glass and i get no warping at all, if you let it cool for ten to fifteen minutes using this technique the print will actually pop itself off the glass once it's cooled.

Give this filament a go, you truly won't be disappointed. (Posted on 24/01/2017)

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