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Flashforge Creator 3


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Featuring; - Independent Dual High-Temperature Extruders - Flexible Build Plate - Stainless Steel nozzle on an all-metal hotend - Fully Enclosed with Air Filtration

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All New Flashforge Creator 3

All new Flashforge Creator 3 comes with high-temperature Independent dual extruders, making it ideal for printing with specialty filaments like Nylon, Carbon Fibre,HIPS, multiple colours, and multi-material supports.

Creator 3 is the flagship printer of the Flashforge range. Boasting a solid enclosure to regulate heat within the chamber and the independent dual extruders, this printer will take your use of printing in 3D to the next level. Both extruders come equipped with high-temperature hot-ends allowing for it to print even the model abrasive filaments like carbon fibre without need of constant replacement. In addition to the above, it features, the printer comes with a massive build area, Wifi connectivity, air filtration, an inbuilt monitoring camera, and a flexible build plate, there is very little more one could ask for in a 3d printer.

Flashforge Creator 3 Printer

Featuring High-Temperature Independent Dual Extruders

Flashforge Creator 3 Nozzle

Both dual extruders come with stainless steel nozzles to improve the wear strength compared with brass nozzles. Abhesive filament such as carbon fibre tend to wear a standard brass nozzle faster and can introduce defects during a print. They are also all metal in design meaning that there is no PTFE lining that can melt when exposed to high temperatures causing the printer to clog. Hotend is designed to comfortably extrude filament within 300 degrees Celcius. Filaments such as Nylon, Carbon Fibre and HIPS require more heat than standard printers will allow. This industrial-grade printer is built with a rock-solid enclosure to allow for high temperature and even ambient temperature within the chamber during the print.

The enclosed hot-end/extruder is housed in a neat package designed to ventilate the hot-end and perfectly direct part cooling when needed.

Each extruder also comes with a steel brush placed on the side of the build plate. This brush serves to remove excess filament ooze during periods where the hot-end is not actively extruding. Due to the hot-end consistently retaining the temperature, the filament can ooze a little out of the nozzle. The printer wipes the nozzle through the steel brushes to clean it ready for smooth extruder flow.

Flexible Magnetic Build Plate

Flashforge Creator 3 Flexible Build Plate

Creator 3 comes with a Flexible magnetic build plate. The plate has a textured surface allowing the filament to grip on the plate better than on a perfectly flat surface. The textured surface allows for more surface area where the extruded first layer can squeeze into all the grooves, allowing for better first layer adhesion. The magnetic flexible surface allows you to take the print off the hot bad and can slightly bow the surface, releasing the print. Traditionally, a heated bed creates a lot of surface tension and the bed needs to cool first to release the tension. Allowing the user to immediately remove the plate when the print is complete saves time for starting the next job.

For filaments that require a little more surface adhesion help, a small amount of glue-stick (provided) can be spread on the area to be printed. This creates both a layer for better adhesion as well as a good separator from the bed to more easily pop the print from the base.

The printer also comes with an intelligent bed leveling system. Calibrating the leveling is very simple and you can follow the guide to assist. The printer also notifies the user as to how much and in which direction to turn the leveling dials to achieve perfect leveling. Prior to each print, the printer also performs a z level to ensure that the bed is perfectly placed at the right height to the surface.

Saving time and multi-material options

Flashforge Creator 3 Print Options

Creator 3 with its Independent Dual Extruders, opens up a world of choice and improves print output. Here are some great options to expand your print capabilities;

- Mirror Mode. Allowing you to print objects that interconnect with one another

- Duplication mode, effectively doubling your print out with the same time

- Two Colour Mode. Expanding your ability to create objects with colour functions

- Two Material Mode. You can create objects that fuse different materials such as adding flexible sections in a model that has rigid sections. Also allowing you to print with different support materials to the main material. For example, you can print with HIPS as a support structure for ABS or Nylon. 

X and Y calibration couldn't be simpler. In order to ensure that both extruders are aligned when printing, a simple wizard can be used. The intuitive process prints a line for each extruder. The printer then guides you with a simple approach to aligning both lines.

Intuitive Design

Flashforge Creator 3 Screen

A simple 4.5" touch screen features a simple and intuitive menu design. Based on icons, the user can navigate all set up options, calibration, print details, and firmware updates.

A filament runout detector is also housed for both spools. When the printer detects that the filament on either spool has run out, the printer pauses at the exact position and retains heat in the enclosure and bed until a new filament is replaced. Prints are therefore not wasted if you run out during a print. An audible alert also announces to the user that the filament has run out.

Flashforge Creator 3 Build Size

Build Volume and Enclosure

The printer has a print volume of X= 300mm, Y=250mm and Z= 200mm.

Its solid metal enclosure is fitted with an exhaust activated carbon filter to ensure that it can capture as many fumes as possible when printing with materials such as ABS, Nylon, and ASA which produce airborne byproducts which are unhealthy for long term exposure.

The enclosure is designed to capture heat and allow consistent temperature. This is function is very important for printing materials that tend to warp during cooling. Even ambient temperatures ensure that the part does not shink in some areas which can lift corners of the part from the bed or lead to abnormal dimensional issues for the final print.

Flashforge Creator 3 Filter

Camera and Software Connectivity

Flashforge Creator 3 Camera

Featuring a 2-megapixel camera, you can always check your print from your computer or on your phone when you are out and about. 

The Printer also connects seamlessly with your WiFi network allowing you to send files from your computer to the printer using "FlashPrint". If you also prefer, you can transfer files to your printer using the USB thumb drive provided. Furthermore, you can tether your printer to your computer with the USB cable provided.

The FlashPrint software in addition to being a print queue manager is also a powerful slicer. With a simple tabbed interface, modification of print settings couldn't be easier.  

Printer Parameters

Print Specifications
Extruder count Number of extruders 2
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Maximum Extruder Temperature 300c
Build Volume 300mm (L) x 250mm (W) x 200mm (H)
Printer Speeds 10-150mm/second
Maximum Platform Temperature 120c
Printer Specifications
Printer Size 627mm (L) x 485mm (W) x 615mm (H)
Screen 4.5 inch Touch Screen
Net Weight 40kg
Power input 240v @ 50Hz
Power Usage 500w
Internal Memory Storage 8Gb
Spool Location External
Data Transfer Mediums USB Stick, USB Cable, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, FlashCloud, PolarCloud
Software (Included) FlashPrint
Output GX/G files
Input for Slicing 3MF, STL, OBJ, FPP, BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG
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