Our Story




3DFillies is proudly an Australian Owned and Operated Company. Situated in Metro Melbourne, we have been serving Businesses, Students and 3D enthusiasts all over Australia for several years with all their 3D Filament needs.

We strive to bring you the best quality filaments at the best possible price. You shouldn't have to compromise on either.

We have a dedicated team that is enthusiastic about 3D Printing and the evolution of this technology and always here to help you. Drop us a line or contact us anytime at support@3dfillies.com

The History:

3DFillies was launched as a project since we found there to be a lack of quality filaments at a reasonable price. Our goal was to bring 3D Printing to everyone without the high price tag. We worked meticulously with engineers to develop each filament product for perfect quality. In 2012 3DFillies was born and has grown ever since serving Australian 3D Printers and the great community it has become today. We are constantly developing new filaments to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the 3D printing world. We pride ourselves on putting quality first.

The Concept

We shortened the word to "Fillies" as we were hacking away building prototypes and trying to save time in explaining things shortening the word "Filaments". To this day, we still argue about who first came up with the name, however one thing is for sure, it has stuck. We also did a quick back of the envelope calculation and we think that we save about a tenth of second each time we shorten it to Fillies. Based on how long we think we will live, we will have saved about 7 months into our lives. We don't know where we will use that 7 months but most likely it will be spent still arguing about who came up with the name.

For our logo we had more serious concerns, we wanted something that represented reliability and creativity. We think that the logo meets that brief and we are quite proud of how it has been received.  

3DFillies Logo



We are recognised as a business that puts customers first and will always be there for you. We operate as an online store supported by a warehouse in Moorabbin, Victoria. Whilst we do not have a showroom, we are very easily contactable and happy to provide advice to customers needing help. We understand first hand, the difficulty that some face when they first begin 3D Printing. Over the many years, we have experienced most of the challenges customers may face and sharing this knowledge is part of our service. The internet can be a great resource to find the answer, however, sometimes speaking with a real person can solve some issues that are hard to articulate in a search bar. Our team is ready to assist so please feel free to reach out.